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What is a Peer Trainer? 

A Peer Trainer is an employee who has been selected to be the designated trainer for their department. To become a Peer Trainer, an employee must demonstrate expertise in their position, meet certain qualifications, apply for the position, and sit for a panel interview. Peer Trainers are seen as role models in their departments, always demonstrating our values of People First, Integrity, and Excellence.

Who is qualified to be a Peer Trainer?

When selecting Peer Trainers, we look for someone who demonstrates knowledge on all Skills Training Outlines (STOs) for their position and has excellent communication skills. Additionally, Peer Trainer applicants must meet the following qualifications:
o In current position for at least 90 days.
o No documented disciplinary action in 180 days.
o Flexible work schedule.
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What are the benefits of being a Peer Trainer?

Peer Trainers make an additional $1/hour on top of their normal payrate (at all times! Even if they aren’t training a new hire). The Peer Trainer position is seen as a steppingstone to leadership. In fact, most of our internally promoted Supervisors started first as Peer Trainers! Peer Trainers also get access to specialized training and classes with the Training Manager.

How long can someone be a Peer Trainer?

Peer Trainer assignments are for one calendar year. If a Peer Trainer would like to continue with their Peer Trainer assignment, they must re-apply each year. There is no limit to the number of years someone can be a Peer Trainer.
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When are Peer Trainers selected?

Each fall (typically October/November), we begin accepting applications for all Peer Trainer positions on property. Any employee who meets the minimum requirements is welcome to apply. Any Peer Trainer who would like to continue their assignment must reapply.

What if a Peer Trainer position becomes available in the middle of the year?

Occasionally, there may be a Peer Trainer vacancy throughout the year. If this happens, we will announce that we are accepting applications and allow qualified candidates the opportunity to apply. The candidate who is selected may or may not have to reapply in the fall, depending on when the vacancy was filled.
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