Employee Spotlight

Nick facilities supervisor headshot


Facilities Supervisor

"I was referred to Benchmark by another employee right after I graduated from high school.  Not knowing my career path, I started in the kitchen as a dishwasher.  While in the kitchen, I became interested in learning more about cooking and culinary.  I eventually was promoted to Cook in the kitchen, and then after several years as a cook, I decided to change career paths and moved into maintenance.

Now, I have been working with Benchmark since 2013, and it has been a nonstop whirlwind of learning and experience.  It is extraordinarily easy to find someone willing to teach me something new.  In fact, when I moved into the maintenance department from the kitchen, I knew absolutely nothing about either field, but with each move there was always plenty of helpful people willing to show me the path to increasing my knowledge in just about anything I wanted or needed to know.  On top of the communal experience exchange, I have also learned from off-property training classes that my departments have sent me to such as woodworking and HVAC classes.  I am also currently attending college for classes pertaining to my field, which is ultimately being paid for through the extremely generous tuition reimbursement program offered by Benchmark.

Besides doing my normal job duties and going to school, I have had the opportunity to participate in other activities such as being a Peer Trainer, serving on Culture Committee, and Safety Committee. All these perks and more have given me the skills and drive to become a supervisor in my department and set goals for even greater heights."